Oh noze! Coffee makes you fat!!!

The British watchdog group Which? has evaluated the calorie content, price and taste of coffee shops in the UK, including Starbucks.

Of course, according to The Guardian, "A Starbucks large white chocolate mocha with whipped cream and made with whole milk was found to contain 628 calories - nearly a third of the recommended daily amount for women. A medium whole milk caffe mocha with whipped cream from the same chain had 396 calories."

The problem with this (unless it just wasn't part of the article but actually was in the report) is that the focus is on specialty drinks, not on actual coffee. Can't they evaluate actual cups of coffee instead of frappuccinos, mokaccinos, etc.?

What does that have to do with FA? Well, some people are quick to jump on the OMG, coffee makes you fat!!!111!! bandwagon. Hmmm, it's not the actual coffee but what's added to it that's the issue (if you want to consider it an issue).

Do people in the US still drink actual filter coffee (or espresso)? Or is it necessary to sweeten it beyond recognition in order to drink it? I never was one to put much sugar or milk in my coffee and I eventually started drinking it black (except when I am in a diner where the coffee's quality is suspect). I don't mind a mokaccino once in a while, but to me that's not coffee.

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Darin a dit…

Actually, research has shown that is IS the coffee itself that is making people fat by taking blood sugar out of the bloodsream and putting it into fat cells.