New plus-sized thrift shop opens in Montreal!

I just read on Vive les rondes (a French FA site/community) that the Centre d’éducation et d’action des femmes (Women's learning and action center) in Montreal opened Tallissimo, the first plus-sized thrift store in Canada (so they claim -- is it really the first one? There must be one in Toronto or Vancouver, no?).

Anyways, the ladies behind Tallissimo accept new and used stylish plus-sized clothes and accessories in good condition (including lingerie!), and sell them at an affordable price. Of course, the clothes are washed and ironed before being sold -- it's not because it's a thrift shop set in a poor Montreal neighborhood that it can't show respect toward its customers.

Hopefully, they will also sell shoes and boots with wide calf, a near-impossible thing to find in Montreal (if anyone knows of a Montreal store that does sell that, lemme know -- I don't wanna order online, as my feet are on the wide side too).

I will certainly check out this store in a near future. Hopefully they will have clothes that I like.

Here's the address of the store:

Boutique Tallissimo
2267 Ontario Est
(near Metro Frontenac -- take the westbound bus # 125 - Ontario)

Note: they're open Tuesday-Saturday. Also, I don't know if the shop's owners speak any English, so keep that in mind if you give them a call.


Oh noze! Coffee makes you fat!!!

The British watchdog group Which? has evaluated the calorie content, price and taste of coffee shops in the UK, including Starbucks.

Of course, according to The Guardian, "A Starbucks large white chocolate mocha with whipped cream and made with whole milk was found to contain 628 calories - nearly a third of the recommended daily amount for women. A medium whole milk caffe mocha with whipped cream from the same chain had 396 calories."

The problem with this (unless it just wasn't part of the article but actually was in the report) is that the focus is on specialty drinks, not on actual coffee. Can't they evaluate actual cups of coffee instead of frappuccinos, mokaccinos, etc.?

What does that have to do with FA? Well, some people are quick to jump on the OMG, coffee makes you fat!!!111!! bandwagon. Hmmm, it's not the actual coffee but what's added to it that's the issue (if you want to consider it an issue).

Do people in the US still drink actual filter coffee (or espresso)? Or is it necessary to sweeten it beyond recognition in order to drink it? I never was one to put much sugar or milk in my coffee and I eventually started drinking it black (except when I am in a diner where the coffee's quality is suspect). I don't mind a mokaccino once in a while, but to me that's not coffee.


I never realized that Pierce Brosnan's current wife (Keely Shaye Smith) is a BBW... Don't they look lovely? It's a reminder that we don't need to be skinny to rock the beach... :) Sure makes me wanna escape the snow and go south and rock my black-and-red one-piece Roots suit!

Of course, TMZ's reaction to the pics is a double oh-no, but I don't give a shit, I think they both look amazing. Don't you?


It's been a while since I've last updated this blog. I've been busy IRL with the holidays period always being so social and also *ahem* spending a lot of time with a certain someone...

I just haven't had much to blog about lately, and that's not strictly the case of fat acceptance. In general, I just haven't blogged much in the past couple of months, as my slowed-down posting on livejournal can attest.

However, this blog isn't dead or even dormant. In fact I do have one topic in my mind that I want to write about. :)

In the meantime, my new discovery among fat-acceptance blogs is Diary of a Fat Teenager. Great talent there, I think she'll go far... :)