New plus-sized thrift shop opens in Montreal!

I just read on Vive les rondes (a French FA site/community) that the Centre d’éducation et d’action des femmes (Women's learning and action center) in Montreal opened Tallissimo, the first plus-sized thrift store in Canada (so they claim -- is it really the first one? There must be one in Toronto or Vancouver, no?).

Anyways, the ladies behind Tallissimo accept new and used stylish plus-sized clothes and accessories in good condition (including lingerie!), and sell them at an affordable price. Of course, the clothes are washed and ironed before being sold -- it's not because it's a thrift shop set in a poor Montreal neighborhood that it can't show respect toward its customers.

Hopefully, they will also sell shoes and boots with wide calf, a near-impossible thing to find in Montreal (if anyone knows of a Montreal store that does sell that, lemme know -- I don't wanna order online, as my feet are on the wide side too).

I will certainly check out this store in a near future. Hopefully they will have clothes that I like.

Here's the address of the store:

Boutique Tallissimo
2267 Ontario Est
(near Metro Frontenac -- take the westbound bus # 125 - Ontario)

Note: they're open Tuesday-Saturday. Also, I don't know if the shop's owners speak any English, so keep that in mind if you give them a call.

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