First ever size-16UK teen to be Miss England finalist!

According to this article, 16-year-old Chloe Marshall became the first ever size-16UK model (which is equivalent to a size 14 in North America) to reach the Miss England finals, competing against girls who are sizes 6 or 8 (in the article it says 8 or 10, but you gotta consider that it's UK sizing).

She's already made it, no matter how she fares in the Miss England finals, as she signed a contract with the Models Plus agency. I sure wish her lots of success as a plus-size model! :)

Obviously, she's not exactly fat, but she's definitely not skinny. Of course, that just shows how skewed the world is, when someone who's average IRL is deemed way bigger than average in beauty competition and on the runway.

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Laura a dit…

She looks great! I wish her luck. It'd be nice to see models her size modeling "normal" clothes, since 14 isn't exactly plus size in most stores.

Rachael a dit…

I believe there's actually 2 sizes different between US and UK sizing - so an America 8 is a British 12 etc. I could be wrong, though.