New Dove ad: Onslaught

It's interesting how, right after I posted the video for TLC's Unpretty, I read a blog entry about the new Dove ad, Onslaught, which shows all the beauty industry images that a young girl is exposed to, encouraging parents to talk to their daughters before the beauty industry does (and fucks up her self-esteem).

As it was pointed out elsewhere, yes, there are commercial reasons behind that ad (ie. selling beauty cream), but the ad's message is pretty powerful. If it helps even one girl to develop good self-esteem, then this ad was not made in vain.

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violet_yoshi a dit…

If you want to see a ad campaign that is similar, search BeautyKit on Youtube. The ad series originally was on adbusters.org

I want to warn you though, some of the effects in the videos might seem graphic. I mean, there's like some fake blood. There's a shot infering a girl giving herself a lipo-suction. It's all hint-hint though, nothing really shown happening to the girl directly.

I think that PSAs like this are better, because they cause people to have that "OMG!" reaction and really think about what the PSA is saying. I just thought I'd let you know, because I watch alot of horror films. So what I might see as not being all that bad, might be really disgusting and horrible to someone else.